True story. Woman takes guy home, pays him, never contacts him again.

Guys often send me their stories.
Stories of success, of missed opportunities, of scandals caused by husbands and boyfriends 🙂 and other interesting stories of their experiences.
Here’s a story that a guy sent me recently.
I am sharing it because it contains some useful lessons for any guy desiring to become a gigolo.
First listen to the guy’s story, then we discuss the lessons.

I will share 1 incident that happened with me 2 year ago. i was a student who gave exam of 12th. In a night club a lady age 35-40 years came to me and said i am cute, can we talk? So we had a conversation. she offer me drinks n after half n hour she ask me to come with her in her car to drop her to her home because she is not feeling well. At home she offerd me cup of coffee n then she disclosed that why she bringed me to her home. As i was a student i got seduced by her talks n immidiatly i said yes i will have sex with her n we had gud time. then in morning when i m getting ready to leave for my home she gave me 5000 rs. i was surprised. then she said that “yeh tumhari baksheesh hai jo tumne mujhe acha feel karaya thanks”. she gave me a small kiss on my chicks…n i leave after that. i gone to that club for many times after that but i couldnt find her or any lady like her. then one of my frnd told me that these kind of job known as gigolo. by the time i m searching for how to become gigolo but didn’t get any update on it…plz sir contct me i seriously want to become a gigolo atleast meet me once….